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Inevitable muscle memory for your Machine Learning Applications

Jubin Jose

This is the story of Aquila DB – a latent vector and document database built for data scientists and machine learning engineers. In this story, I will explain how and why I developed AquilaDB, to solve one of the major problems faced by developers in building information retrieval systems.  A couple of years ago, I […]

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How we spoke to data in 2 days

Vysakh S Mohan

What would you do in two days? Let me be more precise, what would you do on a weekend? Depending on the kind of person you are, the answers may differ. Some may wanna stay in, have a good sleep, take it slow. If you are like me, you would be on the road riding […]

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Webcam Direct Access Package for Angular

Faizal Hussain

In many web applications, uploading images are a necessity. For example, uploading profile pictures to a social media website or uploading a photo for a KYC verification. The majority of web apps provide an option for the user to upload an image from the local file system. but, how convenient is this? A Throwback, About a […]

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Befriending Data Structures: A retrospective of building a trade engine

Goutham Krishna

Data structures are one of the most complex and underrated topics in the field of computer science. It is very rare to see a developer, especially a web developer implementing this amazing concept into action. This is because a majority of developers have a perception of ‘ARRAYS’ as a ‘one size fits all’ solution for […]

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Our Migration from GPU to CPU Inferencing

Kelvin Jose

There is a growing demand for more sophisticated AI solutions in the market. Especially from government agencies, businesses, enterprises, and tech startups. Their requirements are simple in words— need enhanced computer vision(CV) capabilities, more accurate speech recognition or natural language processing(NLP), etc.  If there is one motto commonly shared by all these buyers, it is to ‘never settle’, which […]

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Busting the nightmare of 3D model rendering in a web application

Arun Jayakumar

Model rendering is a nightmare for frontend developers.  If you’re trying to recall what model rendering is, as said by Wikipedia – it is the automatic process of generating a photorealistic or non-photorealistic image from a 2D or 3D model by means of computer programs. Rendered objects would contain geometry, viewpoint, texture, lighting, and shading […]

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Why I Built an Open Source Weather Data Widget

Rahul Raveendran

We already know this, Climate change is around the corner! I’ve been developing apps for about 5 years and never did I get a chance to work on something related to climate and weather predictions until this month. I was assigned to this new project to build an app that uses climatic data for generating […]

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Streaming of GZIP data: Solving one of the basic shortcomings in AZURE Blob storage

Charush S Nair

You may already know this – Parallel processing is very important in data analytics. It increases the performance of the analytics engine by processing several data streams in parallel and thereby reducing the processing time by several folds. Architecting software with optimized parallel processing is the kind of work I do all the time, but mostly in […]

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