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How to build super scalable & optimized systems with assembly language: A case study driven analysis

Goutham Krishna

In this article, we’ll see how to build super scalable and optimized system with assembly language with the help of a case study. I’ve always seen programming as a two-step process. The first step is to successfully compile the code you wrote. No bugs, no errors, and everything should work like a charm. And the […]

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Pre-processing pipeline for solving the challenges in data extraction from photographed documents

Vysakh S Mohan

Today, the world is driven by data. Businesses and organizations that effectively understand its data and derive informed decisions from it can excel in what they do. For a business, the data it generates is so diverse and vast. Handwritten forms, the video stream from CCTV cameras, data produced from the website and third-party tools, […]

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Data syncing between MySQL and Elasticsearch using go-mysql-elasticsearch

Adarsh M S

In this data-driven age, whether you are building a small scale or a large scale application, one of the main ingredients is data. These very essential blobs will be housed in a NoSQL or SQL database based on the data’s nature and the developer’s choice. Recently, I and my colleague were working on a scoring […]

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Enabling Geography-based Access Restriction in Nginx Servers

Arun Jayakumar

If you’re a web developer, you probably already know what Nginx is. For those who don’t know what it is, Nginx is an open-source web server. Since 2004, developers have been using Nginx for hosting high performance and scalable web applications. Today, millions of websites use Nginx, including websites of companies like Netflix, Dropbox, Airbnb, […]

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Expanding fundamental data structures for robust inferencing

Kelvin Jose

Practicing Deep Learning (DL) definitely costs a lot of computing power, because the amount of matrix calculations is very huge. We can still use the most recent GPUs and Memory modules for model training and fine-tuning, but the problem never stops here. We always expect a production-ready version of our solution which should go live at minimal cost, in terms of […]

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Migrating data from Alibaba OSS to AWS S3

Rahul S

Cloud technology It can offer a lot of benefits, such as cost savings, mobility, reliability, high-speed computation, etc to businesses irrespective of its size. And it’s no wonder why almost every business is drawn towards cloud technology. In the past few years, I’ve helped many companies from around the world embrace cloud technology. Working in […]

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How Big/Small Should Be Your Contribution To The Open Source?

Nithya Rajan

Sic parvis Magna Ever heard of this philosophy before? Translated to English, it means -From small beginnings, great things come. Perhaps, the simplest of the steps we take, some small beginnings can lead to great things. I’m writing this article to share my take on this philosophy and how I realized it as a developer. […]

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Installing multiple PHP versions in the same server.

Shehin FN

Has it ever occurred to you that you want to add a new feature to an application you built years ago and the programming language’s latest version has changed a lot since you built the application? It happens a lot. And whenever it does, it’s a dilemma for the developers. Should they code in the […]

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Potential antiviral drug molecules against 2019-nCoV

Dr. Nidhin Sreekumar

The presented work is a short exploration towards uncovering the antiviral potential of some pre-existing drug molecules towards the novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV). Read the Research here:    

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