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Face tagging and clustering in videos with Elasticsearch

If you’ve ever used Google photos or the Photos app on your iPhone, you probably noticed how it manages to recognize different faces and categorizes them under a specific profile. This is made possible using face clustering technology. In essence, face clustering is the task of grouping unlabeled face images according to individual identities.  Face […]

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Expanding fundamental data structures for robust inferencing

Practicing Deep Learning (DL) definitely costs a lot of computing power, because the amount of matrix calculations is very huge. We can still use the most recent GPUs and Memory modules for model training and fine-tuning, but the problem never stops here. We always expect a production-ready version of our solution which should go live at minimal cost, in terms of […]

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Our Migration from GPU to CPU Inferencing

There is a growing demand for more sophisticated AI solutions in the market. Especially from government agencies, businesses, enterprises, and tech startups. Their requirements are simple in words— need enhanced computer vision(CV) capabilities, more accurate speech recognition or natural language processing(NLP), etc.  If there is one motto commonly shared by all these buyers, it is to ‘never settle’, which […]

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