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From HTML to AI and Blockchain. How a frontend developer can upskill?

Nithya Rajan

One good thing about being a developer is that you get a lot of opportunities to upskill and learn new technologies. Sticking to what you know already and not experimenting and learning new things is more or less similar to digging your own grave. These technologies, frameworks, tools, all will go obsolete in the future, […]

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Creating a private blockchain using Hyperledger Besu

Prasanth Venugopalan

The rapid progress of Blockchain technology is showing no signs of slowing down. One by one it solves many issues of the existing digital ecosystem. The main feature of blockchain technology is decentralization. Organizations can exploit this feature to make their entire system of operations or services into a more reliable, distributive, and automated environment. […]

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Get started with Nervos: An In-depth Overview of Nervos Network Architecture

Mohit Bhat

Introduction Hey Blockchain peeps and non-peeps, You all might be working on Ethereum or starting with it to build dapps in solidity. Ethereum is a great blockchain but still suffers from many problems like high gas fees, scalability, etc. This is all due to its architectural design. Today we will talk about Nervos network which […]

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Creating an NFT on Solana with Metaplex Candy Machine

Devind Dev

After what felt like walking through a minefield trying to figure out how to create my own NFT on Solana with the current guides, I decided to put together a guide myself in a very beginner-friendly fashion. I won’t be taking a deeper dive into the specifics of how everything works, but rather help people […]

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Understanding Google’s FNet and how it enhances the accuracy of NLP applications

Gokul S Jain

Transformer architectures are widely used in Natural Language Processing applications. But it has a shortcoming – substantial computational overhead of its self-attention mechanism. However, the recent research from Google proposes to replace self-attention sublayers with simple linear transformations. In this article, we’ll see how it is done […]

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Reverse Engineering Openseas to build an NFT Market place

Shehin FN

Hello there! I’ve been working with blockchain technology for a long time, helping entrepreneurs around the world to launch their crypto exchanges and dApps. But, all these years, I never got a chance to contribute much to the open-source community. And here I go, my first article, here I share my knowledge and experience in […]

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Setting up a scalable live video streaming platform with AWS

Abhinand N S

Live video streaming has become an integral part of our day-to-day life. Especially since businesses and organizations got locked down due to the pandemic. With the increased demand for live video streaming platforms, the scalability of video streaming services became a concern for many service providers. Especially for Telemedicine apps, online conference tools. Recently, I […]

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Face tagging and clustering in videos with Elasticsearch

Kelvin Jose

If you’ve ever used Google photos or the Photos app on your iPhone, you probably noticed how it manages to recognize different faces and categorizes them under a specific profile. This is made possible using face clustering technology. In essence, face clustering is the task of grouping unlabeled face images according to individual identities.  Face […]

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Julia vs Python: Choosing the best with benchmarking & performance analysis

Adarsh M S

Julia vs Python, which is the best? In this article, we’ll learn about the Julia programming language, and benchmarking it against Python and review the performance analysis. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of programming languages. To date, some of my favorite languages include Python, Java, and […]

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